Branding / Logotypes

Branding / Logotypes
AP_Sampler copy 2.001.jpeg
AP_Sampler copy 2.002.jpeg

Logo and branding architecture for FirePro Systems. 2015

AP_Sampler copy 2.003.jpeg

Logotype design for CYAcoustics. 2016

Logotype for Kosei Hair. 2018

Mark and logo design for Urban Noise Control. 2016

Mark and logotype for Infinifit fitness programs. 2016

AP_Sampler copy 2.008.jpeg

Logo design for Galette Artisan Bakeries. 2015 | More here.

AP_Sampler copy 2.009.jpeg

Logo facelift for Hysteria Asteria. 2014 | More here.

AP_Sampler copy 2.010.jpeg

Logotype for Library Bar. 2014 | More here.

AP_Sampler copy 2.011.jpeg

Logotype for Library's Gin Garden. 2016 | More here.

AP_Sampler copy 2.012.jpeg

Logotype for Seamlexity. 2015

AP_Sampler copy 2.013.jpeg

Logo and logotype for Veranda Café-Bistro. 2016

AP_Sampler copy 2.014.jpeg
AP_Sampler copy 2.015.jpeg

Mark and logotype for Alexia Kirmitsi Bridal. 2016 | More here and here.

AP_Sampler copy 2.016.jpeg

Logotype design for VIMA Orthotics / Prosthetics. 2017

AP_Sampler copy 2.017.jpeg

Logotype for Almond Hill, a luxury housing project. 2017

AP_Sampler copy 2.018.jpeg

Mark, logotype and branding architecture for the 2016 RS:X
Youth World Windsurfing Championship. 2016

AP_Sampler copy 2.020.jpeg

Mark design and rebranding for Mellona Products. 2016

AP_Sampler copy 2.021.jpeg

Typographic branding for Pafos2017 Cultural Capital of Europe's
Summer highlight event; Eternal Voyages. 2017

New logo design for Hadjis Properties. 2016

AP_Sampler copy 2.024.jpeg
AP_Sampler copy 2.025.jpeg
AP_Sampler copy 2.026.jpeg

Project typographic branding for Hadjis Properties' projects. 2016-2018

AP_Sampler copy 2.028.jpeg

Logo redesign for Laona Water. 2017