It's been a couple of weeks to be precise, but here it is! 

IPWT joined forces with one of our favorite brands: annakoumoushi, for its Fall/Winter 2013-2014 campaign and lookbook. 

Now, it might seem a bit "Summery" to some, but guess what; our Falls and Winters don't fall that deep into freeze mode here anyway. What we wanted to go with was a laid back Saturday feeling, one that we all sort of seem to enjoy more around this time of the year.

Anna came up with names for her pieces in the form of (Greek) conjugated verbs in the first person, which further enhance the feeling of interaction between the wearer and the piece.

Gorgeous Ioanna Pantopoli, who among other things managed to squeeze this into her insane schedule, stepped in –once again– to fulfill her duties as the official face of the brand.

Love annakoumoushi. 

Check the full shoot and lookbook over at the inpeoplewetrust website.