WVIL: If This Is The Future, I Want In!

I never was a huge fan of bulky, professional-looking cameras to begin with. This 31-MegaPixel camera-phone, is still –and will be for a long time– in it's very first concept phase, but managed to cause a explosive stir in the world of techfreaks and photonerds around the world.

What this "is" basically, is a camera phone with a 31MP sensor and a wireless retractable lens in which the sensor lives and captures images even when not attached on the actual camera. I am sure that there are others out there whose heart skipped a beat when they saw this, but to be completely honest; I don't see this actually happening before 2015 and I can only imagine what kind of a shocker the price will be...

So for now, this remains a design concept by the Seattle-based Artefact and a burning desire for many of us. (via)