Unfold Away


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At the end of every year I go in assessment mode (who am I kidding - I do that throughout the whole year). I could go ahead and say that 2014 was a pretty crappy year. To a great extent it was. For the first time in very long, I felt lost, off-course and neck-deep in self-doubt. So much; that I sort of failed to place myself in a future scenario worth striving for.

At the same time, 2014 was also breathtakingly good to me – despite the fact that I always fail to see it in realtime. Over this year I have achieved more personal growth than in the 31 years preceding it; enough of a leverage to work (really hard) towards a future of which I will be proud. I’m still working on that. One never stops. I guess.

Now, whether *that* future touches, overlaps or intertwines with that of anyone else, on any basis and in which capacity, I can’t know for certain. What I do know for certain, though, is that 2014 saw me crossing paths with people who urged me, each one in their own way, to explore, do, say and live things I was not even sure were in store for me. (Thank you.) 

I’ve had experiences and encounters, unfathomably overwhelming in both good and not-so-good ways, that most definitely ended up rubbing off on me in the most enlightening of ways. I am blessed to have had people (plus their lifesaving support) whom I consider immensely important, be there through it all. (Thank you X ∞.)

I’m happy - ecstatic actually - that I’m parting ways with 2014. If anything, it’s making its exit bearing a timidly optimistic hint of a promise for the new year. (I know, I know: It’s All In Our Hands I said it myself.) So; I now leap into 2015 with an abundance of immaterial wealth I managed to muster from an super-turbulent and emotional 2014 hoping to put it good use well beyond the new year.

Here’s to never ceasing to unfold.

Happy next 365.