So, a while back I posted about Absolut unveiling their end-of-year limited edition Andy Warhol bottle in New York, right? Well... since then I have been sort of given a nod to go ahead and be part of the unveiling party in Cyprus. 

Absolut is putting together an event and Andy may also be there, at least in spirit he will, and maybe I will be shaking hands with him, in some sort of a way. DJ Mighty Scoop will be responsible for the tunes of the evening while I will be preparing my little something.

I will try to do my best and take snaps of the process (not sure how efficient that will be since I will be part of it too) and post it later. 

F.Y.I.: Whoever will be there is kindly requested to refrain from wearing white.  

Make sure you follow me on instagram, as I will be posting more visuals there.