"My Beautiful Woman"


I’ll start this by saying that this video is part of a campaign. Initially I thought that it was an insurance company campaign to be completely honest. To my surprise, though, Wacoal is a lingerie manufacturer based in Japan and their goal is that "women everywhere feel more beautiful"

This video is part of their Beauty Inside campaign and the story in this video is based on real events. I have to say, I find the title “My Beautiful Woman” to be quite a lackluster compared to the emotions the video evokes. 

Parenting is, I can only imagine and will hopefully discover myself in the future, the hardest and the most fulfilling thing in one’s life, (I did grow up in a family with three other siblings, so I do know a thing or two) and this video colors all the facets of the main gist of parenthood quite adequately. With a heart-wrenching twist.