I remember being fascinated with the Absolut communication pieces growing up. When I went to college initially in Europe and eventually in the States, I was a bit more closely acquainted with the Absolut world; mainly because of the vast exposure of their campaigns there and because I was lucky to have somehow managed to get a hold of a membership on the “Absolute Access” site which granted its members heads-up on their new campaigns, access to Absolut-hosted parties all over the US and all the information on their art collaborations throughout the years, and trust me; they were a lot.

Being an Art College student in America I was prompted to study some of the great American creators, whether that was through Art History and Design History classes or via personal research for projects and inspiration. One of the artists that popped more than often in my research was Andy Warhol. I was furthermore reminded of him every time a new issue of Andy Warhol's Interview arrived in the mail. Even my favorite photographer since my late teen years, David LaChapelle was considered an “art-child” – if I may – of Andy Warhol.

So, you can imagine how I felt upon finding out that Absolut is fermenting a (new) collaboration with Andy Warhol on their upcoming limited edition End of Year bottle. But there’s more than that. Tomorrow night (October 1st) Absolut will reach out to interact with Andy Warhol with the use of art & technology (what would we even be without art & tech?). Using Electromagnetic Voice Phenomenon; A-TrackSchnellebuntebilder and Swedish artist Leif Elggren will reverberate the sounds of Andy Warhol via their own respective crafts.

For me, this is a collision of (more than just) two realms that have been part of my creative course as a designer and I guess I could say “We (will) meet again!”.

…and again.