In other news, we've just unleashed the latest issue of Avant Garde. 

So much is going on with this issue:
• We redesigned it from cover to cover, with new typographical treatments (soon to be replicated by others, I assure you) and with an even sturdier publication structure.

• Avant Garde is launching its very own online radio station on February 10th. (Stay posted by following this.) I will be "hosting" a weekly one-hour broadcast consisting of mixed electropop. I go on air on Saturdays at 5PM and replay on Sundays at 11AM. (EET)

• For this issue I interviewed and photographed Mr Costas Voyatzis A.K.A. (the awesome) Mr Yatzer, which was a great, insightful experience all together. The interview lives, digitally, here. (In Greek, that is)

• Also, in this issue, (irrelevantly enough with music) we drew inspiration from a very (retro) popular magazine trend in the 80s: Photonovels. Niki Lialiari, the editor-in-chief wrote the story & lines, Myria Konnari organized and produced it and I came in to direct and shoot it. Prokopis Agathocleous and Polyxeni Savva were the stars of this first episode and it was a huge pleasure (not to mention a breeze) working with them. You can view the first episode here. (In Greek) 

The gorgeous cover of this landmark issue was designed by the super-talented Anni Damianou.