Legacy Four: Democracy Ground Zero

The fourth issue of Legacy is out and I could not be more proud about the overall outcome. This could be my favorite cover so far and my favorite issue in general. The stories and texts are great, which is the most important foundation for me to build on, visually. This point is where I become repetitive in saying how happy I am to be working with the Legacy team.

On the cover:  Debtocracy (as rendered in the cover story) was a grave blow to the integrity of Democracy. The cover depicts an iconic image of the father of Athenian Democracy, Cleisthenes, weeping.

I will soon post a more detailed project with more illustrations and layouts on the ipwt website as well as on my personal website  (which is being redesigned as we speak). You can view the full publication over at the Legacy website, (under: Issues), or read all the stories there.

Cleisthenes’s original photograph taken from the Ohio Statehouse Photo Archive.