Dutch photographer Hendrik Kerstens's ongoing project, titled: "Paula Pictures" is one of the most interesting things I've come across on the past few weeks.

The photographer's statement below sums it all up beautifully: 

“One day Paula came back from horseback riding. She took off her cap and i was struck by the image of her hair held together by a hair-net. It reminded me of the portraits by the Dutch masters and I portrayed her in that fashion. After that I started to do more portraits in which I refer to the paintings of that era. The thing that fascinates me in particular is the way a 17th-century painting is seen as a surface which can be read as a description of everyday life as opposed to the paintings of the Italian renaissance, which usually tell a story. Northern European painting relies much more on craftsmanship and the perfect rendition of the subject. The use of light is instrumental in this.”

I just love how everyday objects we all come across become parts of these painting-like and sincerely powerful compositions. 


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