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Well, I do realize that posts have become quite scarce lately. Do bear with me as I, myself, am trying to figure certain things out these days. 

So, in order to catch up a bit with what's been happening, and before I proceed with rolling out more posts I'll do something I don't usually do and if this seems to work, I might actually introduce this to the blog.

These two weeks were packed with editorial design and illustrations for the upcoming issue of Legacy. Though I really want to, I can't post anything just yet, but I can state that I am really excited and proud about all the editorial and visual material that went into it, respectively. 

In search of inspiration, I (oddly enough) turned to reality TV. I delved into the last season of Project Runway, and though in every episode I found more than enough stuff to cringe at (well, "reality" TV kinda does that to you, but then again, I am über susceptible to "cheesy"), I was pleasantly surprised to find bits and pieces that triggered some sparks of inspiration. If we're going to talk about the winner of this season; Michelle Lesniak Franklin, I can say that she, only, was enough compensation for all the cringing. Now, I'd love to see Michelle's brand (Au Clothing) rebranded and "curated" to the absolute sharpness level that defines her work.

Of course my infatuation with TV shows doesn't end with Project Runway, but that's a whole other post to come soon.  

Then, I started drafting my next project. The one that I aim to create under Public Bureau (when it relaunches in the fall) . This time I took (preliminary) matters into my own hands a bit more, and though the research and development period is not over, I feel that the result will be very close to my initial vision.

And of course, our duties with Oly & Myri at the "Avant Garde" front (no puns intended) continued with the preparations for the AG's third birthday military-style, street party, which was a blast by the way. 

Now it's back to planning, drafting, and keeping inspired. Fingers crossed.