Despite the recent workload, I did manage to (simultaneously) catch-up with some of the TV shows I had put on ice, while I did make new some "new friends".

One of the awesomest shows this season was "Bates Motel"  (and yes; it got renewed for a second season!). It's basically a prequel to "Psycho" in a contemporary setting, which was a bullseye move on behalf of the production. But the fact that hit it out of the park was the casting of Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates.

I'm not going to go into any further analysis of the show, but I can and will say that it's a very, very deftly and eloquently woven series, both visually and in terms of writing. Moreover, along the way I had discovered that Alex Moulton, who I have mentioned numerous times on Memrants, (and from whom I am eagerly awaiting a new release), was responsible for the music creative direction and sound design of the equally brilliant series promos. (below)