Ah the irony: last year I posted about one of the two "Snow White" films that were supposed to come out in 2012, believing that that version would be the better one. Well, guess what; not even Charlize Theron with all that CGI and makeup couldn't save it. Mirror Mirror on the other hand, not that it was a life-changing experience either, was much better. But there's one thing that stuck out, in my opinion: the closing bollywood-reminiscent dance sequence when Lilly Collins sung the super-catchy "I Believe in Love". 

A couple of days after I saw the film I found a Huff Post article which described the quest  Tarsem Singh, the director of Mirror Mirror, had to endure before being able to secure the rights to use the song in his film, and the incredible story behind it.

Singh, heard the song when growing up in India in the 70s. The song was sung by an Iranian superstar by the name Googoosh (video below). So when he decided to acquire the rights to include it in the closing scene of Mirror Mirror he naturally tried to go the Googoosh route. That, however, led nowhere, since Googoosh was not the first to sing "I believe in love". Tarsem Singh had a chain of people help him exit this labyrinth. 

(Very) Long story short: The song "Love" was written by Nina Hart and also performed by her for the opening credits (video below) of a 1971 film called "Taking Off" which had also won the Cannes Grand Prix the same year. Hart was nowhere to be found, she fell off the grid and was finally -after a hurricane of phone calls, visits, emails etc.- notified via email while she was sitting on her boat/home. And the rest is history. F.Y.I.: She had no idea Googoosh kinda stole the song in the 70s.

I don't really do justice to this incredible story, which is worthy of a full feature film itself, but you can read it in its entirety and all its glory here.