I've been wanting to write about The Young Professionals for over a year now. Seriously, since October 2011, when I first heard "20 Seconds" (over and over and over and over for weeks and weeks). 

Ivri Lider & Johnny Goldstein are the Young Professionals. Based in Israel yet seemingly omnipresent, lately, they created an amazing image to complement their awesome music. I love the name of the band, their aesthetics, styling and the majority of the visuals they put together to accompany their audio. Actually, they put so much effort into creating amazing videos and visuals that it's obvious they comprehend very well how important the consistency between image and audio is to the point that they even create little magazine/photo journals every month. 

Their latest single "Be With You Tonight" is a great dance (what else would it be?) track sampling Joe Dassin's "Et si tu n'existais pas" from 1974 and the video directed by Guy Sagy features clothes from French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's "Fire On Ice" collection (and also features Uriel Yekutiel who's a staple in T¥P's videos).

The video/song that introduced me to them (or them to me, if you like) is "20 Seconds". Directed by Omer Tobi, 20 Seconds is just pure eye and ear-candy, if you're into dance music and willing to experiment a bit with it.