instant crush.jpg

Though I was anticipating Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories for a long time, since that first 15-second teaser broadcast last March during Saturday Night Live. I went ahead and pre-ordered the album and when it started downloading I was as thrilled as a toddler on Christmas morning.

Long story, short; I guess, I comparing “RAM” to their 2010 release, which was the absolutely mind-blowing soundtrack to “Tron: Legacy”, was not that great of an idea. I (sort of) liked the album, but was not blown away. Maybe I expected to be obsessed with more than the 4-5 tracks I loved off “RAM”. I will say though that “RAM” is impeccably produced from all aspects.

Now to Instant Crush: This is by far, my favorite track off this album (and in my top 5 for 2013) and the Warren Fu-directed video is as amazing as the track. It’s that classic case of an unfulfilled love story that should have been but but couldn’t. :(

The last sequence is (so heartbreaking) genius!