I'm not going to lie; there were (are) times I felt (feel) the urge to pursue something other than design. I say this as if it's something that can be done overnight, or as if I could wake up tomorrow and be an accountant or something of the sort. Sometimes I need to be reminded of the reasons, impulses and needs that led me to love and do what I do. 

Typography and photography, are the two things that have always kept me anchored to my craft, and the things that stood as the defining "backbone" of all my work. Perhaps this post is not the place or time for me to analyze my work, but bear with me, I'm getting there, and the next post will be fairly relevant too.

The point I wanted to get to, is that I am in absolute awe of what Glen Weisgerber is doing with his hands. Weisgerber is a self-taught pinstriper who has been airbrushing all sorts of surfaces, with a certain emphasis on trucks and race cars, since the seventies. Airbrush Action Magazine filmed Weisgerber at the Airbrush Getaway Workshops (yes please!) demonstrating his mind-blowing skills at Roundhand Lettering (video below), chrome lettering, and single stroke lettering.


I love how he creates the characters and describes his processes and the things he likes about them. Specifically; he says for the single stroke lettering: "...these letters have a nice snappy look to 'em. That's why I like 'em...". And that made me want to fine-tune my own design process, especially during this period where everything (at least around me) is sort of defined by the prefix: "re-".