Playlist: Remnants of a Memrant Volume Five

We're in the middle of Autumn, but we're yet to wear a jacket (or anything bearing long sleeves for that matter). Once again, I gathered as much of the music I was listening to in the past few weeks, that could coexist in a playlist without making me come across as bipolar and voila: Remnants of a Memrant Vol. 5.  

I'm seeing Oh Land live next week in Brussels, so I start and end this playlist with my favorite song off her 2011 self-titled release, and one of my favorite tracks from her latest album respectively. And of course a Sia-written (Standing on the Sun), and a Sia original track (Elastic Heart) are there too along with a new favorite The Weeknd. (Have I mentioned how much I love Sia?) 

Cover image: A draft of an experimental project under the name "Relics".