Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity is one of the most emotionally charged things I have seen in the past few months. There are certain scenes though that are so strong they stay with you. One of those scenes, if not the most intense, is when Bullock's character; Ryan Stone, tries to make contact with Earth and finds herself in a conversation so gravely lost in translation, yet so profoundly and sincerely gut wrenching. 

Jonas Cuarón, Alfonso Cuarón's son, who also co-wrote Gravity with his father; wrote and directed Aningaaq, a seven-minute companion film that shows us what happened on the other side of that radio conversation. The result is as equally heartbreaking as the actual scene in the feature film. The short film will be released as a companion to Gravity on Blu-Ray, while it has already been submitted by Warner Brothers for an Oscar consideration under the category for live-action short films. 

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