Tycho - Awake


Scott Hansen, of Tycho and the designer/blogger behind ISO50, is one of the creatives (yes, I use "creatives" this way, sorry) I have been sort of following, and rooting for, since I first got acquainted with his work back in 2008.

I may have posted about Tycho before, but whenever they release a new single or LP, I know that I am in for an inspiration treat. The way Hansen treats his sound bears the same meticulousness that he puts in his design work. There is deep detail and a great deal of work lying in Hansen's craft, but it's constructed in such a way that it seems effortlessly perfect, almost organic.

Awake is the first single off Tycho's forthcoming, 2014-release and though is recognizably Tycho, there are hints of new elements and, from what I suspect, a slightly diverse sound for the new LP.

The single artwork is, naturally, created by Scott Hansen under ISO50.