Puma Future Sky Hi: Wishlisted.


So, does anyone remember the time when Puma made butt-ugly sneakers? Well, I do. I also remember the mini-scandal (circa. 2000) according to which someone at Puma had, reportedly, fired the designer of the now-classic Mostro for providing a bad design and the story has it that the heads at Puma laid off the axe-man who fired the designer after Mostro proved to be a best-seller and on of the most popular models by Puma. Scandal or not, the post-2000 era proved to be a good one for Puma and this season they're releasing the gorgeous Future Sky Hi. Needless to say, that these are already wishlisted (though I do spend a lot of hours in my Fivefingers lately for more than one reason) and -dammit- going online to see if the Future Sky Hi's are available yet, I found a couple of more pairs that could go on my wishlist.