Back in 2005 when I was in Chicago and was drooling over imaginary scenarios of me being employed by anyone who would be even the least related to the world of media and/or fashion (funny how things turn out ain't it?) I was looking around to see what most of the mega-brands were doing in terms of communication/branding design so I'd get a bit acquainted with the whole concept. 

It was around then when Dolce & Gabbana had designed the limited edition Citroën C3 D&G and had released an ad for it featuring a song called "Come Baby" sung by a Dale Arden. The track was a very catchy bubblegum pop song which -of course- impressed me, being the pop-junkie I am. Some time later in the same year, D&G launched the ads for their timepieces, featuring a new (even catchier and better) track by the same artist, titled "Gimme More". (ads & songs at the end of the post)

Googling this Dale Arden (named after a Flash Gordon character) lead absolutely nowhere. She was, and is, one of those ghost-singers who release two things under a pseudonym and cease forever (or maybe move to a totally different direction and record under another alias).

Anyhow, I'm guessing she must be italian; a conclusion to which I arrive after taking the following into consideration in a very CSI-ish light: She worked with D&G on more that one occasion, I've noticed a couple of slips in her accent very common amongst italians, and -last but not least- the type of music pulls references from Italo-House.

Of course if anyone knows anything more on Dale Arden hit the comments section.