Madonna Does One Thing Right

I like observing "the Madonna" not a die-hard follower, but I like to see how she twists and makes everything work in her favor. She's a living social experiment, I'd say.

Her latest album got criticized by the press and fans alike for its lack of originality and its failure to live up to the hype preceding it. Though I do agree with the critics and I do see that her latest capricious behavior -both during and around her latest tour- seems like a series of desperate attention-seeking acts, this backdrop video for her MDNA Tour is spot on! Perhaps the best thing bearing her name in the past couple of years. Stripped of glam and by embracing the hot trend of collaging found footage (very all over the place) the video delivers a bundle of strong messages. 

Hey, Madonna, quit acting like a 22-year-old debutant and use that wisdom.