Robin Skouteris - The Judas MeGaGamix

I've been wanting to post about Robin Skouteris for quite some time now, but I was kind of waiting for the right moment to do it. Well, there's no time like the present.

I've been following Skouteris' work for quite some time now; though I'm not sure which was the first mashup of his that initially drew my attention.

I chose to post the above mix, which was released in anticipation to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album about a year ago, not necessarily because it's Lady Gaga but for reason's I will state further on.

Skouteris' work is perhaps one of the most adequate, representative (and best) samples of today's pop-culture. We live in an era when the "mashup" phenomenon dominates -pretty much- most forms of art. It is, however, a game of survival of the fittest: many will attempt to do it, very few manage to do it well. Well, Robin Skouteris seems to be one of the masters in this; his mashups are woven seamlessly, flawlessly and done with great respect to the original source, and most of the times accompanied by carefully put-together videos.

Back to Gaga. Apart from the fact that I do like her, I found this video (also awesomely edited by Skouteris) to be an ode to inspiration via the magic world of the interwebs, or as I call it: my playground. It couldn't be more fitting to the case of Gaga. I personally loved the feel of the video and all the fan-snippets were absolutely priceless, not to mention touching, especially after the 4:25 mark, it's a goose-bump thrill!! Kudos!

Now, why isn't this guy signed to a huge record label already?