Screenshot from PonPonPon

There's so much I want to write on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The dormant maximal aspect of me just wants to have a splurge! 

19 year -old Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (a.k.a. Kiriko Takemura) started as a model and blogger and moved into creating her own line of fake eyelashes while at the same time invading the japanese pop music scene. Consider yourselves warned, this goes beyond bubblegum pop!

Apart from the fact that I am, plainly-put: stunned by the j-pop phenomenon, I was mesmerized by the polyphony of all the elements in Pamyu's videos! 

Screenshot from "Tsukema Tsukeru"

The first video I saw of her's was PonPonPon and I was blown away by all the stuff that are crammed in there! At the beginning I kinda felt like David LaChapelle and William Baker -Kylie Minogue's creative director FYI- got high on crack and made this but then I saw Tsukema Tsukeru (which talks about putting on your fake eyelashes and how good that could make one feel, If I remember well) and realized that everything: every single detail is meticulously thought of and put in there. Then a few weeks ago I saw the third video; for her latest single Candy Candy and I was, once again, overwhelmed by how strategical, yet in a seemingly nonsensical-cute manner everything was woven together. I mean, she runs through a residential neighborhood with a piece of toast in her mouth, passing by houses, cars and kid's bikes to arrive, in slow-motion of-course, into a studio dancing routine, along with an eye-bearing onion!!! 

Call me crazy, but I cannot stop thinking about these videos. No. Can. Do. 

Scene from Tsukema Tsukeru

Screenshots from Candy Candy

As a visual communicator, I try to put myself into the shoes (or head, in this case) of whoever thought of and put together all these things. But more importantly, I would like to be a fly on the walls of the room where they pitched these ideas to the record label. Then again, this is Japan!

I think the above blurb-rant, pretty much, conveys my elaborate feelings on the matter, and if that was not clear: I *HEART* KYARY PAMYU PAMYU.