Illustration of Virginia Raffaele imitating Belen Rodriguez in a skit on how to properly sit on seats.

So, given that I have all the time in the world (NOT!) I decided to run a little (and I do mean tiny) blog in italian and mainly focusing on the marvelousness of Virginia Raffaele (at the moment, but more will eventually come along). I had pointed her out in my 2011 post for her amazing character of Paula Gilberto Do Mar but fallen head over heels for all of her impersonations ever since. 

So, long story short, "Ma Io Non Sono Nemmeno Italiano" (But I'm not even italian) is a mini collection of all the Italophone sources of fascination, or in this case, humor. So far, I've managed to render -mainly via typography- some of the thigh-slapping situations and skits Virginia Raffaele delivers live every Sunday on Rai 2's "Quelli che il calcio…" which (gasp!) is a live show about soccer!

Oh, and tomorrow I fly to Milan. Really.