annakoumoushi S/S 2012 Teaser

Last weekend the AK and AP creative spirits united once again for a new shoot. 

The new annakoumoushi collection goes into exploring the path the previous one started. The SS 2012 line does that by introducing new shapes and volumes to what one would expect to be uneventfully small: accessories. The new rings, necklaces, earrings, broaches and headpieces are re-introduced in beautiful, organic-like constructed volumes and are delivered through amazing textures and color schemes. 

Back to the shoot; the material was great to work with and the new face of annakoumoushi, yet to be revealed, was refreshingly great to work with. So, once again, I was challenged to take the new campaign to a different direction. Still working on it, let's see where it will go. 

The above is one of the mini-teasers, head over to the annakoumoushi website to check out the other one.