A while back I had declared the Nike+ FuelBand as a wishlisted item.

So, during my last trip to the States I made sure it was the first thing I bought. Well, OK,  maybe not the first, but I did get it on my first day in Manhattan. Since then I've been wearing it nonstop and I can honestly say, after some internal debates on whether it 's just a gimmick or not, that it's a great gadget for anyone who's into training, or any type of activity for that matter.

I now catch myself getting seriously bummed if I don't reach my daily goal, which I am thinking of increasing by the way, and I find that it's not a device for just merely documenting what you do -in terms of activity- but that it can seriously motivate you to reach your goal and maybe push yourself a tad more. 

And as I hit my goal today, I was thinking that maybe we are depended a bit too much on technology, but is that necessarily a bad thing when it in fact helps us so much?