I'm definitely not the person whose photo sits next to the word "Workaholic" in dictionaries. However, I do put a lot of time on client's projects -often at quite unorthodox hours- and do stress over deadlines. But what additionally keeps the cogs in my head turn nonstop are the little (and not so little) side-projects I plot, draft and mold until I feel they're really meant to happen. In need of some time-off and to escape the fact that I started shifting into a "mental hyperventilation" mode, I took a couple of days off and spent them with THE bunch of friends out of town.

Apart from swimming, cooking and eating nonstop, we had some productive fun too. Thanks to Myria's underwater camera, Maggie's underwater styling efforts and Andria's breath-holding abilities we (drank some of the pool and) made a couple of fun shots. 

I also had a chance to try some of the awesome Tattly tattoos I had received a couple of days before. (FYI: Instagram was the gang's gadget fetish this summer, thus the snaps.)