L'appuntamento: Hello Ornella Vanoni!

First of all, I am ashamed of myself for spending time in Italy and not having listened to any of Ornella Vanoni's music before. I knew that Vanoni is one of the most legendary singers in Italy, however I never gravitated towards exploring that certain repertoire of Italian music before; I am sure that if I go into exploring Mina's work I'll find gold there too.  

Anyway, a couple of days ago, a friend of mine posted a live video of Ornella Vanoni performing probably one of her biggest hits "L'appuntamento" (The Appointment -which refers to a date she agreed to go to and further describes her emotions while waiting), leaving me speechless for a few reasons. (video posted below, with a mini intro from Raffaella Carra, who hosted the show)

Let alone the fact that I am going through my annual Italy-Obsession-Nostalgia phase and a Relics from the Past phase (to which I intend to dedicate a full post) at the same time; this video, dating back to 1971, touched me in a very surprising and unexpected manner. 

First of all, I was mesmerized by how effortlessly yet gracefully Ornella Vanoni sings, then by that charming, unusual softness in her enunciation. I, then, came to realize how simple, while at the same time, very powerful the lyrics are, and finally, the visual part of it stunned me. Everything, from what Vanoni wears, to how -what seems to be- a routine entertainment live broadcast was executed and directed is impeccable! 1971! Today's live show directors and producers could learn a couple of things. 

Needless to say that I'm hooked to the song and I will keep digging in Ornella Vanoni's huge discography. I may have been late to this appointment, but I'm glad I made it!