This post might not "touch" everyone, but the typographically aware and design aficionados will definitely feel a certain warmth. 

Linotype: The Film is a documentary film about the Linotype casting machine. The Linotype casting machine revolutionized printing and communication at a time when the process of casting and printing text was a manual and time-consuming procedure. What the Linotype essentially did, was to set a full line of type (Line o' Type) instead of having it done by hand, character by character (or matrix by matrix in this case). 

I remember trying to manually set a body of text when I was college and I found it extremely hard, frustrating and stressful. So, I can imagine (and I envy) the enthusiasm and admiration these people bear for the Linotype. I mean, if something came along and took away a painfully dreadful procedure of my work (hello, quotations and invoicing) I would worship it the exact same way, if not more.