Double Feature (B. Traubeck/Lux Repeat)

Traubeck's PRINCE x OBAMA Shirts

Bartholomäus Traubeck, is a graphic designer/video installation artist who's keeping very very busy, telling from all the things he does. Traubeck has a lot going on: A shirt brand by the name Prince x Obama, a furniture/product design division called  Rhythm, a visual sketchbook and he creates awesome videos and graphics.

from the Avoiding You video

One of his latest videos is an absolutely gorgeous video (at the end of this post) for the Italian, Merano-based electro band Lux Repeat. For this video, Traubeck used Google Earth visuals along with graphics reminiscent of 80s ambitious sci-fi movies. The usage of pixelated and loading overfly snippets from Google Earth is just so appropriate and fitting to this great track by Lux Repeat.

Now the music: Judging from their EP Passing The Light Barrier, I humbly believe that Lux Repeat (a.k.a Martin Retter) is one of those slowly emerging electro acts which have more soul and oomph in their work than most of the "big names" in the electro scene out there. (Plus, I have a soft spot for Italy, so this makes it easier for me to like.) The Lux Repeat latest EP is available to download here once you pay with a Tweet or Facebook status.