Live The Language

As a person who lived for a while in a foreign country and had to use a new language to survive, I was immediately drawn to these promo videos for Education First (EF). I am referring to my time in Italy, not the States. Adjusting to the States when I went there was not as hard, compared to the terror I experienced in Milan and the severe linguistic barriers I had to overcome as soon as possible. 

Gustav Johansson was commissioned to direct these gorgeous videos for EF. Live The Language is a series of four videos focusing on London, Paris, Barcelona and Beijing which depict the magic of the first encounter with a new place and a totally new language.

The kinetic typography and the beyond-words-amazing usage of brilliant typefaces, by Albin Holqvist, make these videos love-at-first-sight material for any typography-sensitive (or plain sensitive) person out there.

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