Ana Serrano's "Salon Of Beauty"

"Salon of Beauty" is artist Ana Serrano's latest large-scale handmade cardboard installation depicting a "mashup" of small low-end neighborhood businesses which create an alternate Los Angeles inspired landscape. I love the sharpness paper gives to Serrano's work and I love the "polyphony" of colors and that typography… well she basically had me with her typography. The aforementioned multitude of color, which is really stunning, is present in her previous work too "Cartonladia"(image below).

The title of this installation is the name of a beauty salon Serrano actually saw in LA, where she was born and raised, which seems to be a direct translation from the spanish term for beauty salon: "salón de belleza". 

Now, I've never been to Los Angeles (though I am planning to do so next year if everything goes well) but I can understand what Ana Serrano wanted to convey through "Salon Of Beauty" and I bet you, she would be thrilled to find some similar "gems" in the cypriot urban landscape. 

(via / all images via / video by Walley Films)