This past couple of years Greek cinema has had an unexpected boom. I say unexpected, because with everything else going "south" in Greece it's a miracle the art of cinema -or anything remotely related to art, for that matter- has (sort of) flourished. Last year, Yorgos Lanthimos's  "Dogtooth" strolled around the world, making an impression at important movie festivals and Athena Rachel Tsangari's "Attenberg" has had a fair share of exposure (and awards) and this year, Lanthimos's "Alps" is doing it again. 

"City of Children" (trailer at the end of the post) is an independent film by Yorgos Gkikapeppas which explores how modern "metropolitan" couples perceive and act upon the idea of a pregnancy. The film tells the stories of four couples in Athens who come across "childbearing" and react to it in defferent ways and goes even further to "share" how men and women behave differently on the matter. The film will be shown at the 52nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival, this November. I just hope I get a chance to see it before next year's Cyprus Film Festival

From what I see, the cast of "City of Children" consists of both established actors and newcomers. Again, unlike all the other sectors in "the motherland", it's nice to see that young people are welcomed and given the opportunity to shine. (If only they did the same with politics…)