M83 - Midnight City

How, why, haven't I been obsessing over M83 until today? I came across M83's (a.k.a. Anthony Gonzalez) latest single "Midnight City" last night (this morning, actually, at 5AM) and I was blown away. I mean, SYNTH POP! 2011 SYNTH POP?  His sound is awesome! Really, awesome in the neihgborhood of Alex Moulton, Midnight Juggernauts, Daft Punk (by the way, I am yet to post on the definition of awesomeness which is the Tron Legacy soundtrack, but I will). How can I have just bumped on all this awesomeness while M83 has been around for ten years?

The Midnight City video is super-über cool and utterly reminiscent of the good 80s! (I don't get why people hate the 80s so much, when they clearly set the foundation to so many of the awesome things we have today?)