Time-Lapse Thoughts

I have been obsessing over time-lapse videos lately. I find that they capture the magic of stillness and introduce that into motion. I don't know if that even makes sense, but there's this clarity and quality which cannot be found in actual realtime-shot videos.

I bumped across this collection of magical videos of places in Southwest America, where I've never been to -and I am dying to go- created by photographer Dustin Farrell of Crew West Inc. and my obsession blew even bigger. Now I need to look into this time-lapse thing a bit deeper. 

Time-lapsing seems to be a hot trend right now. Italian superstar Giorgia had the video to her latest single "E' l'amore che conta" partially shot using time-lapse, in Venice. Part time-lapse, part ambitious editing, the video, far from being comparable to Farrell's work, is not that bad. A tad klutzy at moments but overall a good video for a great song. (I'm totally overlooking the styling though.)