Kylie & Co in "Get Outta My Way"

a Chunky Move dancer in "Glow"

Being the pop-drenched graphic designer I am, I couldn't help but fall for Kylie Minogue's new video to Get Outta My Way (video at the end of the post), off her new album Aphrodite (which is a great album by the way). After all, the first post I ever did on this blog was Kylie's video to The One, which still remains one of my favorite music videos. 

I don't know who had the idea for this video, well, most probably the directors AlexandLiane, but I mean who thought of bringing Frieder Weiss' work into play and all that brilliant styling? (maybe with the exception of the white socks, donned by the dancers)

Frieder Weiss' amazing- a m a z i n g - interactive graphics are the most visually exciting thing I've seen in the past few months! Many of the effects from Outta My Way were introduced in the Frieder Weiss - Chunky Move collaboration titled  "Glow" which premiered back in 2006 (also this year, in Sydney Australia, 13-16 October). I guess, this music video is one of the cases in which the widely accessible pop culture meets the somewhat alternative and densely creative art world. While some will rush to label this coexistence as "selling out" (from the part of the fine artist) I, and many others, tend to see this as a great opportunity for more people to learn about these brilliant artists. I, myself, didn't know about Weiss until I googled to find the credits for the video. 

Imagine the good that the availability of all this info can do to an aspiring designer/artist at the beginning of their course! Whether people like it or not, the Madonnas, Gagas, Kylies, and Beyoncés (and in my case the Mariahs too) define a bit more than just the pop culture of today. It could be said that they open new exploration routes to those who are capable of handling (or even deciphering) the bundle of info that's given to them. (I hereby declare that I partially owe David LaChapelle and Herb Ritts to Mariah Carey)