It's that time of the year. Actually, it's a bit after that time of the year when all the fashion houses are bombarding us with images, videos, viral teasers and magazine-spread ads for the fall-winter seasons. Some desire the outfits, others crave the accessories, others drool over the models and others (I'm here) just die to see all the photos, concepts, styling ideas and graphic design of the overall campaigns.

Dolce & Gabbana
Now, despite the fact that I'm not a huge Madonna fan (I still think that "Confessions..."  is probably her best album) I find that this campaign, shot by Steven Klein, is amazing. The family theme of the campaign is spot on and works in cohesion with the theme of their last collection "20 years of Sartorialità, Sensualità and Sicilianità".


Miu Miu
Well, Madonna is rubbing elbows with another italian fashion house. The below video was directed by Madonna for Miu Miu. 

(thanks to Johnny for the tip)

Gucci Guilty
We've been through the whole film world meets fashion brand chapter here. And below is the full ad (though it's not really that long!).

Directed by Frank Miller. Starring: Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood.