I finally got around to watching Inception last night. I wanted to see it long before the Inception hype began, around the time I read that a film directed by Christopher Nolan, and starring Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard and DiCaprio was going to come out; and especially after the word "dreams" was thrown in (I, kinda, have a soft spot for films about dreams and the concept of dreams in general).

I'm a big fan of Nolan's work, especially since he did Batman Begins in 2005, (another soft spot here, Batman) and then The Dark Knight and now this.

Again, I'm not going to analyze or critique Inception, but I will express my absolute awe by saying that it was an impeccably put together movie, flawless in every possible way and with an amazing array of actors. (oh, that did come across as a critique...) I am still shocked by how amazing all the imagery was. The scene where Ariadne, (even the choice of the name and the connection with the mythical Ariadne are awesome) realizes she's in a dream, with all the explosions in the street, and the scene where she "bends" the city rendered me plainly speechless!

Also the video below, which gave me the chills, comes to prove how meticulously they put everything together. Here's to hoping that we'll see a featurette about the research they did on dreams for this film.

Note: The above video was not created by me, I found it via an article on the Guardian.