London 2012: You're Doing It Wrong!

I mean, really, London. We're talking about London; where millions of people went and paid a good amount of money to become educated on the arts and design! So, they get to host the Olympic Games: one of the most important sporting events in the world, during which culture, the arts, sports and the concept of world unity are are entwined, and what do they go and do? Do everything so wrong!

I kinda thought that: London + Olympic Games = Epically Awesome. But no.

First came the crappy logo: So, who had this brilliant idea? Who thought that this formless choppy thing could be the icon of such a gravely important milestone in the history of both the Olympic Games and the city of London?

Then came the dysmorphic mascots: Honestly now, WTF? What on earth were the designers/comity/city of London thinking? And I thought that Phévos and Athená, of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, looked kinda funny. Well, not anymore. These shiny, cyclopic mascots earn the prize of the most annoying Olympic mascots in the history of the Games. 

I just hope they manage to pull their act together in the two remaining years.