Why, Hello There!

Okay, first of all, I don't own a desktop, (I wouldn't even thing of owning anything else but a Mac by the way), but this little little block of... magic made the idea tickle a bit, for a second... I really love the mobility of my MacBook Pro, but that is another story I'm not getting into in this post...

So, I was looking around the internet only to find out from another blog that Apple (very secretly) unveiled the Magic Trackpad which does everything the trackpads on the new generation Apple notebooks do. I have to say, the functionality and user friendliness of the new Apple trackpads make the use of a mouse virtually unnecessary. Well, that's if you limit yourself to just browsing the internet and working on stuff which don't require much precision; so, graphic designers, photographers, movie editors and musicians you can pretty much forget relying on this for making a living. 

I'm still getting one if/when I get a desktop Mac!