Apple, Adobe, Get a Room, Please?

Apple, Adobe, please go get a room... and don't come out until you resolve all the things that need to be resolved between you.

I have spent more than 24 hours of my life, let alone the time I took off work, trying to figure out how to install Adobe PDF 9 as a printer on my Snow Leopard running MacBook Pro. Freaking impossible! Apparently, Apple's security updates consider the Adobe PDF printer to be something untrustworthy and blocked it all the way out of the system! When I finally managed to do install that, (don't even ask me why, I went through so many forums, blogs, websites etc.) the PDFs would save at a secret place engaging a great amount of space on my disk. Thank God a good friend of mine (who hadn't updated her iMac to Snow Leopard) was able to help. 

Also, Adobe, why on earth would you remove InBooklet from InDesign? Oh I see; so you can sell  it as a separate product!