Sundayman - Now That I Found You

Originally featured in a series of TV advertisements for Cutty Sark, though I am not sure in which countries these ads aired. (Some of the ads: here, here and here)

I personally went through hell to get the track, find who wrote it and all the info I always feel the need to have when I like somethign, and I was surprised to find that it's by a Greek musician who goes by the name of Sundayman, (Kyriakos Moustakas). 

The video, concept-wise, is not anything we haven't seen before, however, it is very appealing from an aesthetic aspect while, thank God, it is consistent with the song (as opposed to many other Greek video productions). Directed by Vasilis Bourandas.

I love Now That I Found You, and Sundayman has some other amazing electro tracks that could make for an awesome soundtrack for those long researching/brainstorming summer sessions...