Cadbury Flake Ad


So that's how the feeling of eating a Cadbury Flake translates to the visual world!

Hat's off to the director, Baillie Walsh, for creating this amazing, (the word amazing, however, does not do this clip full justice) advertising campaign for Cadbury Flake (premiered on Channel 4 in the UK on June 8th). 

Walsh used the Kate Moss Hologram he created for Alexander McQueen's AW06 show (which is equally, if not more, impressive) as a starting point. Antony Price designed the yellow dress (which was made from 200 meters (218 yards) of fabric) Yulia Lobova wears in the ad.

To be honest, whenever I think of Cadbury's Flake, I think of the 80s, cone ice creams with a flake sticking out, the retro purple wrapper from the 80s and other food-related memories from my sugar-infested childhood. So, this new visual interpretation of chocolate, which was much needed by Cadbury since their previous ads were pretty close to crap, is more than welcome and hopefully the first of many.