Bola - Fyuti 2002

A couple of months ago I clicked on a youtube link which was retweeted by Ghostly, and this track came up; Forcasa 3 (youtube video below), from Bola's 1998 release: Soup.

I fell instantly in love with it and immediately tried to find some more tracks by Bola, A.K.A. Darrell Fitton. Fitton, from Manchester, England, has released an extensive selection of amazing IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), and atmospheric electronic albums and EPs. After being absent from the underground music scene for quite some time he announced last year, via his facebook page, that he will continue to make music. (Thank God) 

In a few weeks, Purity Device, an Australian band, will release Remix/Reform in which Bola has reconstructed one of their tracks: The Thought Police.