Narrow Streets: Los Angeles, Can I Live There?

sunset boulevard + doheny road, west hollywood

pico boulevard near vermont avenue, byzantine-latino quarterI remember when I was in the states I was fascinated (and intimidated) by the huge width of the streets, probably because I was not used to it since our freeways in Cyprus barely span four lanes wide for both directions. 

Writer, designer and photographer David Yoon likes to go around LA, shoot huge five-lane streets and convert them to awesomely and carefully crafted narrow streets. It's like an alternate version of Los Angeles, in a parallel universe, as the author refers to it on the blog. It's worth spending a good amount of time exploring all the amazing reconstructions.

I love the concept of fabricating an alternative reality, according to how we would like it to be. I guess, more or less, that's what most artists/creatives aim to do with their craft. *creative sigh*

Yoon also offers the photos as printed diptychs, (they are niftily displayed as gorgeous expanding diptychs on the blog). See Narrow Streets here.