Vibram Five Fingers

I've been wanting a pair of these since 2005, when I had gotten my first pair of Nike Rifts off NikeID (back when we had the option to do so) and was fascinated by the "barefoot-shoe" experience. Last week I decided that it was time to give in and get a pair of these, especially since I started doing Pilates again, and I didn't feel very comfortable being barefoot around the gym.

So, I placed my order and they were here two days later (FedEx surprised me): right on time for my next Pilates session. I gave them a Pilates ride yesterday, and I have to say; Barefoot vs Vibram: 0-1. 

I also tried spending the rest of Saturday around the city in them, despite the reactions and gawking by some people. It feels kind of weird feeling barefoot, (only safer and with the best grip any shoe can offer) but not quite as exposed. 

I admit that they look kind of creepy, as if someone chopped a pair of feet and handed them to you (take a look at the all black version and you'll get what I'm talking about), and I do understand why some people would be put off by them, but I just love my five fingers.