I am a sucker for industrial zones and construction sites. I love the roughness and rawness of everything. Fundamental structures are out in the open and creation procedures are either blatantly revealed in construction sites, or screamingly implied in industrial zones.

I love the sight of a construction site when everyone leaves, the process is paused and you can just see what you're not supposed to see: naked structures, raw materials and unrefined forms. In industrial zones, on the other hand, I love how all the production steps are concealed, yet very present, in usually overwhelmingly large buildings. 

So with all this stated: imagine my gasp when I came across the above image in one of my (tens of) daily Google image searches, though I can't even remember what I was looking for in the first place. The picture shows the construction of the Shasta Dam in California. Later, when looking-up the dam on Wikipedia, I discovered that the above picture was taken in 1942! I love the detail, the light and the quality of colors in this picture, and... 1942!?. I'd love a huge print of this. The photo was taken by Russell Lee.