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Tron: Legacy | Official Trailer

MoviesthememLegacy, Tron

I have to say that my memories of 1982's Tron are pretty vague, but I remember very vividly that my brother had rented it out from a video club and we watched it on a Saturday afternoon. Two things are engrained in my memory regarding this film: the scene where Flynn is digitized and transferred into the mainframe and the use of the neon-like effect throughout the mainframe scenes.

The new one surely looks promising, at least as far as the eye-candy part of it is concerned. (Plus: how amazing is that retro-futuristic flat surface computer? Such an 80s concept, yet, so... today.)

I guess it's time I did a couple of things in anticipation of Tron: Legacy. Watch the original to get into the mood and go buy that pair of limited edition Tron Adidas sneakers I found at a sportswear outlet store.

Also, I think I am a tad more excited about the Daft Punk-composed soundtrack than I am about the film itself. If what I hear in the trailer reflects the overall work, I will hyperventilate... (And is it true that they will appear in a scene?) 

December 17, 2010 anyone?