Heading East (New Blog To Follow)

I came to find this wonderful blog, through a SwissMiss retweet of the blog's author Raul Gutierrez (a.k.a. themexican) saying: "A lady hugged me today because she liked my blog." 
I have to say, if I came across the guy, I'd probably do the same.

His blog, apart from being dense with great images and artwork by photographers and artists from over the world and by the author the same, it also contains some beautifully written posts. Gutierrez's writing style (which I envy so much) is sincere and stripped from excess ornamentation; it's nostalgic but never sappy, and manages to transfer emotions in an articulate manner. Happy to be a follower...

The image above is taken from Raul Gutierrez's Flickr Photostream.